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We will not let Seattle become Surveillance City

Short synopsis of three surveillance programs Seattle is trying to implement

Mayor Harrell and the new City Council are attempting a massive expansion of surveillance technologies in Seattle – they claim that these technologies will improve public safety and help the Seattle Police Departments solve more cases.

Our communities are already over-policed and over-surveilled. We don’t need more policing or more folks in jails: we need real solutions and actions that address the root causes of gun violence. This is not it.

Seattle residents have until the end of February to weigh in against this violation of public trust. Tell Mayor Harrell and the City Council: No to Surveillance City.

Several black text boxes over another collage of science-fiction images. Text reads: We have from NOW until February 29th to STOP Seattle from implementing a vast network of new surveillance technology throughout the city. CCTV cameras. Acoustic gunshot technology (Shotspotter). Real Time Crime Center (Cloud-based tool that centralizes data from multiple surveillance sources, including public and private feeds like Ring doorbells and store security cameras.) The Mayor and City Council are trying to push this unprecedented, invasive tech through a rushed public process.

More details at STOP Surveillance City.

The City wants to procure 3 new technologies: CCTV, acoustic gunshot technology (AGLS, like the twice-denied Shotspotter), and Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) software, a cloud-based surveillance tool that centralizes data from multiple surveillance tools.

Please take a moment to send a comment to the City stating your opposition to each of the three procurements. The links to comments are on the STOP Surveillance City site.

Seattle doesn’t need to waste any more money on racist, ineffective technology to over-police our community.

Tell the Mayor No Surveillance City.

In Solidarity,
Campaign Co-Director
350 Seattle

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