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 We’re living in a historical moment and we need all hands on deck. You are welcomed and you are needed! 

At 350 Seattle we work collectively at the grassroots within our communities to organize for climate justice. That’s more than just taking climate action! It means growing our resilience and connection to one another through the struggle for shared liberation from systemic oppression. 

We empower people to make change as a community. And the work we’re doing is not for us as individuals, we’re doing it for our communities and we’re doing it for future communities that will come after us in time. We are in this effort together for the long haul. 

350 Seattle is on a path to be an anti-racist multicultural, multigenerational organization on the path to climate justice. We equip and connect people within a community organizing framework and create multiple engagement pathways and opportunities for folks to become changemakers. 

Why? Because everyone has a voice in resisting the oppressive systems that we’re all swimming in. We create a welcoming, inclusive organizing environment so that people from all backgrounds and experiences have access to advocacy and community here.

When we talk about climate justice we are talking about the effects of the climate crisis on communities that have been underserved or on the frontline of the climate crisis. Communities that are hit first and worst in regards to climate disaster are often the last to benefit from climate solutions.

A diversity of experiences is essential for building real solutions to the climate crisis, and we are actively removing access barriers within our organizing community. 

There is a place for you at 350 Seattle, whether you’re an introvert who prefers to work in a spreadsheet or the class clown who likes to speak in front of a crowd. Whether you have a tiny bit of free time or an abundance of time and energy to share, we have a role for you!

“There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.” -Audre Lorde

“Climate change is the result of a legacy of extraction, of colonialism, of slavery.” -Elizabeth Yeampierre

  1. We are a “big tent” organization that welcomes people of diverse political, religious, and philosophical world views who are aligned with our mission.
  2. We are an inter-generational organization, and we strive to respect people of all ages and the perspectives that they bring.
  3. We empower people to act on their mission-aligned ideas and support them in organizing toward their goals.
  4. We value a culture of learning, as well as skill and resource sharing, in order to support each other’s development and empower new activists.
  5. We respond to climate urgency, while making time for cultivating authentic relationships that build our movement.

1. Sign up for our mailing list

We send out action alerts from our campaigns, solidarity requests and our Monthly Newsletter.

2. Meet up

Come to our general meeting, any of our public events or reach out to our teams to get involved.

3. Train up

We’ve organized in Seattle for ten years and ALOT has happened – check out our past campaigns and our training videos.

4. Organize

Are you a writer? A coder? An empty nester with an open calendar or a new parents with half an hour a week to offer? Everyone has something to contribute and there’s a place for you here.


Interest Form

We’re a volunteer-driven organization. This means our work depends on you, with all your interests and skills. Find your spot by taking a look at this Volunteer Opportunities List or by browsing the teams page, then fill out the form below. We’ll go from there! (Don’t have time for that right now? You can also just get on our mailing list!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! On our resources page we have a few videos that can help you get acclimated. We want to build a climate movement thats big enough for everybody and that includes you!

Each team has their own projects and workflows but generally meet once or twice a month. Every month we have a meeting for our leadership team, comprised of our core volunteers and team leads, and every other month a general meeting open to all. Most of our organizing happens in teams.

Climate justice is an analysis that defines how we organize. Climate justice recognizes that economic inequality, racial destruction and climate change are all woven together. Being a climate justice organization vs. an environmental organization is an important distinction. The modern environmental movement has origins in racist and colonial ideas of nature without indigenous people. Environmental groups focused on conservation of endangered species, or the quantity of carbon in the atmosphere without considering impacts to human communities are missing the root causes of this intersectional crisis. The US Climate Justice movement, on the other hand, traces its origin through 500+ years of peoples movements fighting back against settler colonialism. For more info, checkout the Jemez Principles.

Yes! Much of our work happens online or in hybrid online / offline environments. At our in-person events masking is strongly encouraged. Several members of our community are immuno-compromised, and we take their care and boundaries quite seriously. We value everyone’s contributions in this movement.

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